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1576) was still alive upon the publication of the second edition of Vasari's Vite, but he and his other admirers also issued no objections to the notice of Calcar as the artist of the Vesalian plates.
Van Calcar, Over de psychologie; Kohnstamm, Persoonlijkheid in wording, 311-334; Mennicke, De angst.
Somewhat uniquely, CalCars is itself a hybrid, focusing both on public policy and technology development, and harnessing buyer demand to help commercialize PHEVs.
Prior to the procedure, the surgeon should determine the length of the stem or cement mantle from the medial calcar using x-ray or, alternatively, using intraoperative fluoroscopy.
LT] fractures are rare, and usually non-operative treatment is required, unless the fracture compromises the stability of the implant by involving a large portion of the calcar region with loss of the medial buttress (Fig.
Using curved scissors, the round ligament is cut; a bone hook pulling on the calcar widens the articular gap.
Complications in the THA cohort included fracture (two patients), deep venous thrombosis (three patients), dislocation (four patients), aseptic loosening (one patient), and intraoperative calcar fracture (three patients).
One intraoperative calcar fracture occurred in case number ten, which was treated with a cerclage wire and without further complications.
1,2) The aim is to provide a physiological force transmission into the calcar area in order to prevent stress shielding and subsequent aseptic loosening.
0 mm reconstruction screws were placed, using the alignment jig, so that the inferior screw was resting on the medial calcar of the femoral neck.
There was a 26% occurrence of calcar resorption of all patients.