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Our findings revealed significantly decreased VMHC in the bilateral calcarine cortices, lingual cortices, cuneus, superior occipital gyri, middle occipital gyri, and precentral cortices in EB group.
Most of the discriminative brain regions are located at frontal lobe (paracentral lobule, superior frontal gyrus, orbital superior frontal gyrus, and orbital inferior frontal gyrus), occipital lobe (calcarine and orbital superior frontal gyrus), and temporal lobe (middle temporal gyrus and Heschl gyrus).
Below this level, the cingulum courses near the most anterior part of the optic radiations and covers the inferior lip of the anterior part of the calcarine sulcus.
Striate cortex: Striate cortex is largely on medial aspect of occipital lobe around and in calcarine sulcus with extensions into uncus and lingual gyrus.
The calcarine cortex appeared less connected in the theta band (p = 0.011) and more connected in the gamma band (p = 0.038).
Furthermore, vision abnormality can also be found, arguably due to the cerebellum location that is not far from the primary visual cortices around the calcarine sulcus of occipital lobe (Ellis; Crossman & Neary, 2015).
Results: Compared with the preoperation counterparts, the PA patients with improved vision after the operation exhibited reduced ReHo in the bilateral thalamus, globus pallidus, caudate nucleus, putamen nucleus, supplementary motor area, and left hippocampal formation, and increased ReHo in the bilateral cuneus gyrus, calcarine gyrus, right lingual gyrus, and fusiform gyrus.
Rudimentary optic tracts, gliotic lateral geniculate nuclei, thinner calcarine cortex was present, but in my case brain was normal.
Quadrant VFD that respects both the horizontal and vertical meridian is likely to be located along the calcarine fissure at the cortex.
[12] reported that, compared with nD-MCI, D-MCI was associated with higher effective connectivity between the right amygdala and the right lingual gyrus, right calcarine gyrus, and bilateral supplementary motor areas.
Bilaterally, CH shows more activation than controls in a number of regions: occipital cortex (calcarine sulcus and lingual gyrus), the insular and cingulate cortex, and the inferior frontal gyrus.
Ojima, "Multisensory convergence in calcarine visual areas in macaque monkey," International Journal of Psychophysiology, vol.