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The constant sulci, such as the lateral, the central, the parieto-occipital, the calcarine and the cingulated, were also similar in the two primates.
If you show the eye an arrow, for example, there will be a physical representation of that arrow lying along the calcarine fissure (see Figure 5).
And the hubs identified by both b ( i ) and S ( i ) in HCs were the left and right precentral gyrus, left and right calcarine fissure and surrounding cortex, left and right insula and left median cingulate and paracingulate gyri.
In the medial view, the black dotted line highlights the calcarine sulcus, where the primary visual cortex is located.
Optic radiation: Optic radiation or geniculo calcarine pathway arises in the lateral geniculate nucleus and is the relay station of fibres carrying visual impulses to the occipital lobe.
They found that several brain regions of Patients with OCD showed above normal levels of activation during the relatively easy non-interference section of the color and word matching task (including the left parahippocampal gyrus, paracentral lobule, thalamus, and calcarine gyrus) and only a few regions showed lower levels of activation than controls (the anterior cingulate and left caudate nucleus); however, during the more difficult matching task when interference was present there were no brain regions in Patients with OCD with higher than normal activation and some brain regions showed lower than normal activation (e.
Each optic nerve conveys visual impulses, via the optic chiasm, tracts and radiations to the primary visual cortex in the calcarine area of the occipital lobe.