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Despite its benign nature, occasionally, calcified nucleus pulposus herniates within ruptured annulus fibrosus, leading to extradural space occupying lesion and spinal root or cord compression.
Intraoperative Finding After Atriotomy Showing Multiple Calcified Thrombi Adherent to The Trabecuiated Portion of Right Atrium
Correlation Analysis: Among the patients in both groups, linear correlation analysis showed coronary artery lesion was significantly related to LVEF and calcified plaque (r=-0.287, 0.371, P<0.05).
The present study showed that, in patients with moderately or severely calcified lesions, adding CB to RA was associated with a larger lumen diameter and lumen gain after PCI than after RA with plain balloon.
The present case was not one of acute coronary syndrome but stable AP with calcified lesion detected by IVUS.
Ultrasound scan showed a large calcified left thyroid nodule and few superficial nodules.
All GB disease may present in dramatic fashion, but when the GB is calcified, special concern should be raised.
Medical device company Cardiovascular Systems Inc (NasdaqGS:CSII) stated on Tuesday that it has enrolled the first subject with with severely calcified coronary lesions under its ECLIPSE clinical trial in partnership with Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF).
The composition of coronary artery plaque was analyzed through CT coronary angiography, separating out soft, calcified and fibrous plaque.
On admission, computed tomography scanning demonstrated a calcified mass that was impacted in the cecum (Figure 1(d)) and fecalomas within the appendix (Figure 1(e)).
This calcified mass had not been present on the OPG radiograph taken previously, at age 10 years (Figure 3).