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There is a calculable commercial advantage to be made and there is a partnership between owner and manager which can benefit and improve the overall quality of the service delivered to the oil company," he said.
Butler responded that subversion isn't something precisely calculable or recognizable--but that subversive copying involves both "miming and displacement.
The cost of this election to vote for this motley crew is not yet calculable.
Davis, a professor at UC-Berkeley's business school found that 24 countries grant calculable net subsidies for gas, and 35 for diesel.
103) and to render the population calculable, but at the same to express its underlying Oneness?
Mitchell's important work in the rising field of Emotional Continuity Management (ECM) clearly outlines how emotionally-charged situations, when mismanaged or unaddressed, can have a calculable, direct impact on the fiscal bottom line.
The product is Varamix and it has reportedly achieved calculable impact in terms of performance and production values.
Plus, productivity losses were incurred in less calculable ways.
Fork said that as far as they're concerned, they have identified a technically calculable and optimally efficient means of deflecting small asteroids of the Chelyabinsk class.
Rachael Garrett from EFS said: "The monetary value of emergency planning and procedures can be calculated - however the impact, not only on the business but on the lives of those affected by an injury or death in the workplace, is not calculable.
Yet for others, calculable evidence of the benefits arts and culture bring to the local economy can be difficult to pinpoint.
MEAG managing director Holger Kerzel added: "With RENT we are adding more sustainable investments with calculable risk and attractive returns to our portfolio, leveraging the know-how of the entire group.