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Which two chemical elements have their atomic numbers equal to exactly half their calculated sums?
When the viscosity is calculated from shear stress and shear rate, the shear thinning profile of the polymeric material can be seen, as shown in figure 5.
For occupational divers, the greatest per-dive mean risk of infection was calculated at 2.
For each NIST force calibration report, this measurement uncertainty is given as the expanded uncertainty, U, which is calculated in accordance with NIST Technical Note 1297, "Guidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results" [7].
Seroprevalence rates for quadrangles were calculated by combining test results from all divisions within a quadrangle to find the average rate.
Calculated settlement amounts are gross prices before expenses, commissions, taxes or other reductions.
Simultaneously, investigators counted steps, calculated distance traveled by multiplying the counted steps by the participant's average stride length, and used indirect calorimetry to measure energy expenditure.
They are calculated on the basis of the amount of work required (which accounts for 46% of the total RVU), the expense to the practice (50%), and the cost of malpractice insurance (4%).
The result is that in some programs, design engineers have started to rely more on the calculated loads than on the measured loads.
The calculated and measured pressures compared well for timing of events as well as the shape and magnitude of the pressure trace, As a result, it was reasoned that for the computed (simulated) pressure to compare so well with measured (production) data, then the overall core filling behavior must have been calculated very well.
Based on 1995 cost report data, the facility-specific Medicare per diem is calculated and broken down into the following components: routine, nonrehabilitation ancillary services and rehabilitation ancillary services (PT, OT and Speech Therapy).
If no tax is calculated, the purchase will then be processed through the use tax accrual process.