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I now know a good deal more about that email and how calculatedly dishonest it is.
The book seems calculatedly written to diminish Kennedy's reputation while enhancing Richard Nixon's, and I frequently felt that it pursued that agenda at the expense of important facts.
Yes, the drone was a provocation, but -- no doubt calculatedly -- hardly a war-provoking one; for all their inherent belligerence, even the Israelis wouldn't have the chutzpah to call this single, unarmed violation of their airspace a casus belli, especially since -- as Nasrallah pointed out -- Israeli warplanes have for years been doing just that in Lebanon's airspace on an almost daily basis.
Where his novel writing had once compelled him to ask questions in a calculatedly demeaning register--"Does Henry ever eat coffee beans to clear his breath before an important conference?
It was this, in fact, that was behind the slogan of, "Down with the USA" with which they crushed thousands of anti-imperialist and left forces in a calculatedly vicious and systematic manner.
Furthermore I am satisfied you did intend to kill her and there is the aggravating feature that having done so in that dark spot in Widnes you then coldly and calculatedly tried to hide the body and to obstruct her friends and family who were desperate with worry as to what had happened to her.
Calculatedly, the administration passed the resolution as the "Quartet for Middle East peace"--the European Union, Russia, the UN and the US--met in Washington.
In once again demonstrating the difficulty of distinguishing between the functions, as well as the effects, of both utopia and dystopia, the text shows Gurgeh's choice (whatever it is) by its very nature to be a transgression, inasmuch as a vote in favour of one that unavoidably co-opts characteristics of the other (more calculatedly so, admittedly, on a textual level than in lived experience).
Quaytman, the lot was calculatedly varied and had an effect similar to that of the cast-aluminum set, likewise generating a symbolic field of expression.
The tone of the passage appears to be both calculatedly insulting and mockingly derisively, belittling--I don't think cultural "constructions of gender" (as they're now called) have changed so much over the last three thousand years or so that our instinctive response to this snatch of speech should be discounted.
These workers, displacing Americans, are among the "legal immigrants," but they are supplemented, of course, by the millions of illegal immigrants coming across a calculatedly porous border or overstaying their initially lawful presence.