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Sizopoulos claimed the banks were calculatingly delaying sending out credit card statements in order to impose the 12.
A particularly harsh zoning regulation alone may give rise to a de facto taking, especially if it is calculatingly designed to decrease any future acquisition price.
No doubt bearing these exigencies in mind, Iago calculatingly provokes the general by vague, unconvincing appeals to mitigating circumstances on Cassio's behalf:
It was probably reinforced by the occasional psychotic maths teacher, and there are few teachers who can be as calculatingly vindictive as those, but on the whole, it is kids teaching kids that creates the problem.
They are numbered in a calculatingly impersonal manner.
This involves mediating between the skill of calculatingly striving for one's own survival and the art of cultivating cooperation from all those at risk in a world dangerously close to the abyss.
At this point, the root cause of what might be termed the "shallowness" of Kojeve's thought comes into view: its calculatingly materialistic pitch.
Inspired by his friends Giberti, Contarini, and Pole, Gonzaga oversaw the reform of his Mantuan diocese directly after taking up residence in 1537 and publicly but calculatingly renounced a Spanish benefice a decade later.
Thus I calculatingly exploit the reader's attention which I have concentrated upon death; I keep a much clearer head than he.
Rhetorical devices that create ambiguity involve the following composition strategies: renaming, calculatingly manipulating information, omission, unexpected reversals, descriptive comparisons, stretching reality, and reliance on pragmatics.
Macklin coolly and calculatingly forced Georgian Shalva Jomardashvili into retirement in the sixth round.
He had a stranglehold over each of his victims and calculatingly destroyed each of their attributes," he said.