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Third, the narrator is factually somewhat unreliable in claiming that he is sane since he displays notable features of insanity, and meanwhile he is factually somewhat reliable in making this claim since he retains enough rationality in calculatingly executing the murder.
The authors of Q calculatingly stage their novel as an example of 19th-century prose aesthetic, and the authors of 54 deliberately showcase the shift in ideological focus and narrative strategies between their novel and that of Luther Blissett.
Calculatingly manipulative, it tells us to entrust a fundamental human right to a pair of powerfully self-interested social actors: corporations and states.
While many other commentators describe China as calculatingly assertive and bent on driving the United States out of Asia to make way for a revival of Chinese domination, Nathan and Scobell portray Chinese security policy as a reflection of China's fundamental weakness and defensiveness: "Vulnerability to threats is the main driver of China's foreign policy" (p.
Indeed, unlike other quality professors at the time, Professor Fenton was neither distant nor calculatingly foreboding.
He took the kindest, most caring person I've ever known, and he calculatingly took her from us all,' she said.
He transformed movies through calculatingly understated performances and his daring choice of roles, quietly stealing scenes from much bigger stars with his portrayals of misfits in films as diverse as "Boogie Nights" and "The Talented Mr Ripley".
Paracha said that gas crisis would cross all proportions if authorities continued to serve the illegitimate interests of gas firms, illegal gas supply continued to influential despite court orders, exploration activities were kept intentionally sluggish and decision to import gas was calculatingly delayed.
A particularly harsh zoning regulation alone may give rise to a de facto taking, especially if it is calculatingly designed to decrease any future acquisition price.
But she calculatingly wore part (without dupata) Indian in the North.
No doubt bearing these exigencies in mind, Iago calculatingly provokes the general by vague, unconvincing appeals to mitigating circumstances on Cassio's behalf:
They are numbered in a calculatingly impersonal manner.