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Remainder calculation function for easy division calculations to find a quotient and remainder
It is different from the original proposal of the Life Insurance Association allowing insurance firms to list their unrealized stock-investment loss at a discount in the calculation of their RBC.
Other bearing calculation tools normally use simplified calculation methods that ignore displacement, tilting and the consideration of rigid or elastic guideways and carriages.
calculation of a standard cold and hot water consumption of buildings;
All calculations within BEARINX are performed in a consistent calculation model.
Salisbury can then input the information into the Least Cost Charge Calculation program to determine what the most cost-effective scrap will be.
Due to the nature of the simplified method calculations, they assume an invariable business flow and disregard the make-up of inventory at year-end.
Did your calculations of the number of balloons needed to lift the objects in your classroom match how many were actually needed to lift each object?
Created by Feynman in the 1940s to solve one of the most vexing puzzles of theoretical physics at the time--a feat for which he would share the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics--the drawings give physicists a quick, intuitive way to organize and understand difficult calculations.
Solution: The NOL calculation on Form 1045, Schedule A and ATNOL calculations must include all non-business and business capital gains and losses equal to the net capital gains or losses from Form 1040, Schedule D Capital Gains and Losses.
The asymptotic behavior at the Bethe Ridge was used to simplify the calculation and to provide values for the exchange integral.