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Rather than focusing on logics of neoliberal governmentality, this approach brings into view other logics, calculative devices and market formations at work in the (re)configuration of financial subjectivity.
Together, Calculative, Normative-Friends, Affective, Contract-Obligation, Desirability of Movement, MoralWithdrawal, Supervisor-Normative, Behavioral, Psychological, and Networking accounted for 61% of the variance in intention to leave the job (adjusted [R.
The elements considered here were: satisfaction, affective commitment, calculative commitment, procedural switching costs, financial switching costs, relationship switching costs, trust, personalization, quality, loyalty and CLV; and CLV as the ultimate goal of relationship actions.
Figure 1 illustrates this transition at the macro level from TPM to NPM, and at the micro level from expense control to the coexistence of expense control and cost management through the integration of two calculative tools, namely the budgeting and costing system.
These include: (1) the construction of food and health as calculative,
On the other hand, Ge-stell is the pure enframing of technology that conceals the essence of the truth of Being, and works instrumentally as calculative thinking, that is, as the Vor-stellen of representation in and of scientific thinking as the "commandeering everything into assured availability" (209).
Despite the weaknesses that are identified, in particular, the high relationship between the affective and normative components and possible two-dimensional nature of calculative component (Klein et al.
In the initial episodes, Laurina's cold, calculative approach made a majority of girls gang-up against her.
Kejriwal made swift and calculative moves in the run up to his resignation as Delhi chief minister.
People here are very calculative about making investment moves.
They distinguish three types of commitments, namely, Moral Commitment, Calculative Commitment, and Alienative Commitment.
The Sri Lankan was calculative in attack and cunning in defence as he lured his Indian opponent into committing a series of unforced errors.