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Caldera Education Services, which is one of Caldera Global Services' practices, provides courses designed to meet the demands of IT professionals who need to get solutions up and running within their business environments.
Caldera is a registered trademark; and OpenLinux, DR-DOS, DR-WebSpyder, DR-System Builder Kit and DR-SBK are trademarks of Caldera, Inc.
Caldera designs, develops and markets a line of operating system and networking technologies, including DR-DOS, OpenLinux and the Caldera Small Business Server for NetWare.
For more information about this lawsuit or Caldera products and technologies, please call (888) 465-4689 in the United States, +44 (0) 1264 333600 in Europe, or (801) 765-4999 outside of the United States and Europe.
Caldera uses its own technological and marketing resources to leverage technologies -- including the Linux operating system -- created by independent developers worldwide.
Desktop, Caldera Solutions CD, Caldera WebSpyder, Caldera SoftKeyboards,
As a Caldera Premier Solutions Partner, we are positioned to leverage the opportunities the Linux and UNIX markets offer.
Fry's, Micro Center, and J&R to Sell Caldera Products This Fall