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According to Tenth Judicial District Civil Rules, if a continuance is requested less than three business days before a court date, the motion will not be considered until calendar call, except where there is extreme hardship or extraordinary circumstances.
* Avoiding unreasonable delays in the prosecution, including allowing the state attorney to "file a good faith demand for a speedy trial and the trial court shall hold a calendar call, with notice within 15 days of the filing demand, to schedule a trial to commence at a date at least five days but no more than 60 days after the date of the calendar call unless the trial judge enters an order with specific findings of fact justifying a trial date more than 60 days after the calendar call."
This was a master calendar call, much like a bond hearing in a criminal court where a stream of people come before the judge and answer mostly technical questions.
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A novice in courtroom procedure, Harry listened to the calendar call, and when the clerk called "Fergeson versus Jones," he leaped to his feet and shouted "Defendant is ready." In the first row, someone rose and, in a well modulated voice, announced "Plaintiff ready."
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(B) Unless the trial court determines that the motion can be resolved as a matter of law without a hearing, it shall hold a calendar call no later than 20 days from the filing of the motion, with notice to all parties, for the express purpose of either ruling on the motion or determining the need for an evidentiary hearing.
Final hearings in arbitrations are scheduled for a certain date--there is none of the uncertainty of attending a calendar call, not knowing whether your case will be set for trial at all, and then being set as the fourth case and not being heard, or perhaps being heard days or weeks before expected.
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