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CALENDER. An almanac. Julius Caesar ordained that the Roman year should consist of 365 days, except every fourth year, which should contain 366, the additional day to be reckoned by counting the twenty-fourth day of February (which was the 6th of the calends of March) twice. See Bissextile is period of time exceeds the solar year by eleven minutes or thereabouts, which amounts to the error of a day in about 131 years. In 1582, the error amounted to eleven days or more, which was corrected by Pope Gregory. Out of this correction grew the distinction between Old and New Style. The Gregorian or New Style was introduced into England in 1752, the 2d day of September (0. S.) of that year being reckoned as the 14th day of September, (N. S.) glee Almanac.

CALENDER, crim. law. A list of prisoners, containing their names, the time when they were committed, and by whom, and the cause of their commitments.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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We use the generalized Newtonian fluid (GNF) constitutive model for the calendered material, with material and processing parameters relevant to plastics calendering, e.g., calender radius 125 mm, final thickness of the sheet ~1.25 mm and a polymer melt such as PVC.
All calendered medical films from Teknor Apex are reported to contain only ingredients listed by the FDA in 21 CFR.
The firm says it discovered that Medalist 500 Series compounds can be adapted for this process, and has carried out a lot of research and development work with the manufacturer of Medalist TPEs to optimize the production and properties of the calendered films.
Special-purpose systems include one-package stabilizer/antifog additives for meat and produce wrap, stabilizer/activators for plastisol and calendered foams, and flooring stabilizers.
Marking uncured rubber extrusions--the challenge While advancements in product marking and tracking have been introduced to various areas of the manufacturing process, the marking of uncured stock, extruded tread and calendered products, in particular, has remained unchanged for decades.
The conventional winding process requires the calendered sheets to be applied successively, and this takes much longer and causes more scrap, according to the company.
Apparently, little fiber damage is sustained when low-density papers are calendered on a pilot paper machine heavily enough to achieve commercial densities.
Offers PVC stabilizers offered in powder and liquid for standard and non-toxic applications in plastisols, calendered films and other PVC compounds.
* LG 8005, presently available only in Europe, is for thermoplastic calendered fabric coatings.
The overall system, of course, encompasses all of the materials and material preparation steps and equipment that come before the calender, and all those that come after it in the post calender train, up through delivery of calendered goods to the next step in the tire building process.
A higher-bulk grade is advised, however, for lower-gloss matte-finished or lightly calendered paper grades because of its positive impact on sheet bulk, stiffness and opacity.
Irgastab BZ 505, designed to work with the company's uv stabilizers, is for calendered sheet such as flooring.