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'I have ordered the airport terminal managers and the head of our Quality Management System (QMS) to direct airlines to see to it that their weighing scales are inspected, tested and calibrated regularly pursuant to and in compliance with international standards,' Monreal said.
Given below are some of the benefits and applications of Calibrated Plywood:
"We can't wait for our members around the world watching on Sony's new BRAVIA MASTER Series TVs to get this fantastic experience and -- for the very first time -- to deliver studio quality picture mastering to the living room with Netflix Calibrated Mode."
Delgra warned drivers against demanding higher fares without having their taxis calibrated.
When comparing the MULSIM/NL model with actual measurements, the stress increase contour line approximately meets the location of the instruments, indicating that the rock mass stiffness for the MULSIM/NL model is calibrated in line with the measured stress profiles.
Ideally the thermometer should have been calibrated well before this stage.
We'd guess it's just as important to properly calibrate the device as it is to understand how it's calibrated and optimized.
The spokeswoman said: "Regarding an investigation into how equipment was calibrated and checked, a male officer was subsequently dismissed from the force.
QA Calibrate allows users to become immediately more calibrated instead of waiting for a Calibration Meeting with:
We compared prepolypectomy estimates using the calibrated hood against measurements of preformalin-fixed samples immediately after polypectomy.
Because of the mortar attacks and the burning of the houses by the MNLF, the AFP did a calibrated offensive operation against the MNLF to stop them from endangering the lives of the civilians," Armed Forces spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala told the Inquirer by phone.
The SCS (Straight Calibrated Section) ProverTM is available in line sizes from 3 to 42 inches and ANSI Flange Ratings from ANSI 150 to ANSI 900