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The calibrated section can be rolled out and inspected without needing a water draw.
If it's missing the sticker, your TMDE should know when it was calibrated.
Identifying any anomalies allows the audit to serve as a time to answer questions about these inconsistencies, and ensures that the model is calibrated to typical usage patterns.
Path analysis confirmed that preservice teachers who reported using time and study environment strategies were also more calibrated or accurate about their learning.
Test blocks are calibrated at the company's facility and correspond to durometer values of 30 points to 90 points in increments of 10.
5, which are largely dependent upon the characteristics of the transducer being calibrated, are the dominant contributors of the overall measurement uncertainty.
The Calibrated V-Lok Inflation System immediately indicates if the correct cuff size is being used, with markings on the inner and outer surfaces of the cuff that guide correct application on either the right or left limb.
The calibrated age range in calendar years is given in TABLE 1.
If we again get [the same value], then we will have five supernovas calibrated, and the critics cannot say much.
In addition, even calibrated monitors, TVs and tablets will gradually decrease in accuracy, requiring color calibration every one to two months in order to display sharp, accurate colors, shadows and highlights.
Up to now no calibrated two dimensional photomask position standard (2DPPS) traceable to the SI unit of length exists; metrological institutes can supply only one dimensional line scale calibrated with sufficient accuracy.
A cone DP meter calibrated across the full Reynolds number range of the meter's application can have the discharge coefficient found to a low uncertainty.