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When comparing the MULSIM/NL model with actual measurements, the stress increase contour line approximately meets the location of the instruments, indicating that the rock mass stiffness for the MULSIM/NL model is calibrated in line with the measured stress profiles.
The calibrated section can be rolled out and inspected without needing a water draw.
If it's missing the sticker, your TMDE should know when it was calibrated.
Identifying any anomalies allows the audit to serve as a time to answer questions about these inconsistencies, and ensures that the model is calibrated to typical usage patterns.
Test blocks are calibrated at the company's facility and correspond to durometer values of 30 points to 90 points in increments of 10.
Furthermore, since no study has yet examined preservice teachers' efficacy in relation to effort judgments and calibration accuracy, it was hypothesized that those with higher teacher efficacy would exert more effort and be more highly calibrated than those with lower teacher efficacy.
5, which are largely dependent upon the characteristics of the transducer being calibrated, are the dominant contributors of the overall measurement uncertainty.
using control groups), and there are no reference ranges or assays that are calibrated across research laboratories performing these assays.
It includes a calibrated balance valve for flow and a maximum range of control; a non-slam check valve for positive shut-off free of water hammer or valve; and a shut-off valve that includes a calibrated nameplate and memory button so the entire valve can be returned to its initial balanced position after shut-off.
In this study, pretest and operational CAT items were simultaneously calibrated and placed on the scale of the operational parameters from one CAT pool that is designated as the anchor CAT pool.
The Whitehouse method involves the certification of a master set of slotted sieves using a microscope and image analysis calibrated against NIST and NPL reference graticules.
has introduced its mobile aneroid with the Calibrated [R] V-Lok[R] Inflation System--the Baum Roll-By[TM] Aneroid.