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In order to calibrate these samples to calendar years, it is necessary to use the marine calibration curve outlined in Stuiver & Braziunas (1993).
com), a global leader in color management solutions, today introduced Spyder4, a line of highly advanced colorimeters able to calibrate monitors, laptops, projectors, TVs, iPads and even iPhones.
0 calibrates the display in the entire video chain - all the way from DVD to screen.
In less than five minutes, huey can calibrate a user's monitor and adjust it based on their primary viewing activity -- viewing photos, playing games, creating graphics or browsing the Web.
Knowing this, professionals calibrate their monitors at least once a month.
Golf Equipment Solutions Corporation (GESC) a software development company, announces the release of a personal digital assistant (PDA) software program that custom calibrates to an individual golfer's putting style and equipment.
The multi-PC based display system automatically calibrates the relative position of the camera(s) and the projectors onto any given arbitrary display surface, from either the front or rear, warps the image, corrects for the photometric differences in the image overlap, and renders a uniform seamless display.