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Calibration Issue 2: Calibrating one of several nominally identical cone meters and applying that calibration to all the meters.
a process for calibrating an energy model to actual utility data; and,
That's when you need your sales people in front of the dealers and growers, not calibrating planters.
Therefore, calibrating the radiocarbon age of this individual is more difficult.
By calibrating the distance to nearby galaxies and working their way outward step by step to more distant ones, astronomers hope to piece together a yardstick for the universe.
Calibrating Meters Therefor: Trends and Prospects in International Trade 2012" report to their offering.
A monthly return to the central office for calibrating instruments in a large territory adds up in a year to a week's worth of lost work.
The calibrator comes with weights for calibrating springloads of gauges in the A, B, C, D, DO and O durometer scales.
We were trying to get info on inspecting and calibrating our small arms gauges.
The system costs less than a conventional advanced airbag design because it eliminates the need for a separate occupant sensor map, occupant warning light, and the costs of integrating, validating and calibrating a dual-stage system.
Currently, however, force is typically calibrated by hanging standard weights on the force measurement device, and deadweight force standards are only available for calibrating forces down to approximately 10 [micro]N.
Gulden's device resolves this by affixing the horizontal to the vertical prism bar on a sliding channel, and calibrating them in the position of use.