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It is not yet possible for industry to accurately know a cone meter's performance without calibrating the meter.
When calibrating an energy model, it's essential to use a custom weather file that contains historical weather data for the years that correspond to available utility data.
That's when you need your sales people in front of the dealers and growers, not calibrating planters.
At that point, his team can begin calibrating the algorithm for the application.
Thus for force-driven systems, for example, calibrating displacement is equivalent to calibrating the spring stiffness or spring constant, which links the raw displacement of the system to the raw force.
The gauge is suited as a calibrating instrument for applications requiring best-possible accuracy at high-line pressures, such as the calibration of pressure transmitters used in custody-transfer measurements.
s (Wilmington, MA) Humilab is designed for calibrating humidity sensors, transmitters and instruments.
Simply calibrating a single RTD or thermocouple prior to insertion into the plate is unacceptable, as the thermal characteristics of the sensing device will depend on the method of insertion and quality of the fit, according to the company.
The ultra-low fill pressures ([approximately equal to] 10 Pa) proved to be the major challenge in calibrating the spike systems with requisite uncertainty.
1 GHz) radars and demonstrated its use in calibrating a commercial Doppler radar to an accuracy of [+ or -] 1 mph at simulated vehicle speeds of 65 mph.