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It is not yet possible for industry to accurately know a cone meter's performance without calibrating the meter.
When calibrating an energy model, it's essential to use a custom weather file that contains historical weather data for the years that correspond to available utility data.
By calibrating the monitor at that time, the patient might tell the monitor that the 140 mg/dL that it's measuring in the interstitial fluid should be 170 mg/dL, which would be inaccurate.
The calibrating methodology of the system depends on the robot's guiding devices and their peripheral components, and can be described with direct or inverse geometrical models (Hartenberg & Denavit, 1964), (Craig, 1986).
The NIST force laboratory maintains its own strain gauge excitation and voltage-ratio measuring instruments for use in calibrating load cells that are not accompanied by customer supplied indicating instruments.
After selecting the Ford Explorer as the typical SUV, the team created an aluminum version with the same crash pulse as its steel counterpart by calibrating it against the Explorer's actual NCAP (National Crash Assessment Program) results.
Research discussed in this paper was conducted as part of an ongoing large-scale simulation study to evaluate methods of calibrating pretest items for computerized adaptive testing (CAT) pools.
Accuracy of 0.05% coupled with an enhanced resolution, 4 1/2-digit display makes gauge an ideal transfer standard for calibrating pressure measuring equipment.
Other projects are more service oriented, such as calibrating corn planters for Bayer's Aztec 2.1 granular insecticide business.
Whitehouse Scientific Ltd has devised and implemented a new method for calibrating grain sieves from 1.5 - 3.0mm.
This compact system mixes metered seeding products with an air stream while eliminating potential manifold air leaks.The design eliminates the need to remove a heavy component when calibrating the metering system and reduces the time for changeover from top to bottom flow.
McCourt says that his company has only a single-purpose use--quickly calibrating surface plates--for the instrument that is "absolutely essential, since quality is money for us."