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In the case of Gentian, better accuracy was observed even though laboratories used those reagents and calibrators with instrument platforms from 4 different manufacturers.
We enhanced the calibrators for the Mercury Freedom System to enable our customers to prepare quickly and flexibly for the 2015 deadlines.
For the year to 30 April 2012, the unaudited results of Biosa[euro](tm) flow calibrator operation showed revenues of about USD6.
The Model VC25 Multifunction Calibrator is a high performance product packed with features.
Also, the calibrator can read analog output and communicate digitally.
This intercomparison study was performed with calibrators and patient specimens.
The calibrators address quality issues such as emissivity and size of source effect which are commonly ignored in other calibrators.
In addition, prior research indicates that poor calibrators frequently fail to adjust self-assessments, even in the face of negative feedback from evaluative sources (e.
Moreover, no methodology for the design of calibrators has yet been proposed.
WIKA have introduced their new dry well calibrators, designed for their simplicity of use, short set-up times, enhanced accuracy and large clear readable display.
The objective of the new service is to relieve NIST customers of this burden by performing an on-site test of their calibrators using a precision DMM, calibrated by a NIST reference calibrator, as a traveling standard.
The calibrators have programmable functions such as square root extraction for flow signals, ramp-step increment value, selectable engineering units and isolated signal conversion.