call attention to

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The profound man, who is by nature differentiated from his fellows, feels this difference too keenly to call attention to it by any outward show.
As it did not suit Sir John's purpose, however, that it should be evaded, he appeared quite unconscious of these silent remonstrances, and inclined his hand towards him, as he spoke, to call attention to him more particularly.
In the first place, we must call attention to the extreme care he gave to his linen, the only distinction that well- bred men can nowadays exhibit in their clothes.
And now I find you guilty of a most flagrant breach of courtesy in interrupting my learned discourse to call attention to a mere quadruped of the genus FELIS.
Norbury, a lean, silent man, had been to those parts before, and sat his horse with a rigid neck; but the two young squires gazed eagerly to right or left, and plucked each other's sleeves to call attention to the many strange things on every side of them.
This I say, not to justify slavery--on the other hand, I condemn it as an institution, as we all know that in America it was established for selfish and financial reasons, and not from a missionary motive--but to call attention to a fact, and to show how Providence so often uses men and institutions to accomplish a purpose.
Why did you not call attention to the fact that Jackson was trying to save the machinery from being injured?
on Saturday when many parts of the world went dark for an hour to call attention to climate change.
Swimmer Joana Maranhao, who represented Brazil in the Olympics, has retired from the sport to call attention to the problem.
The typographic stunts call attention to form in the same way oriental calligraphy calls attention to form.
On the contrary, from one report to the next, the authors have deliberately altered the statistical indicators and gauges to call attention to the variability and complexity of rural education.