call back

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Take control of the call back process by asking your prospect questions that encourage a commitment on when a follow-up call will occur.
May I leave a message for him to call back, or is he perhaps available to speak with me now?
I got a call back from retention team on February 21, after trying to convince me to keep my connection, finally she gave up and confirmed my connection will be cancelled immediately and my final bill will be ready in two days - I could visit any du store and make the final settlement.
New call back service for technical problems with a charity annual return, registration application or other commission form.
Also, visitors do not pay for the cost of the call as it is arranged as a call back to the visitor's phone.
India, July 2 -- If you get a missed call from a number starting with +92, #90 or #09, do not call back on that number, as there are possibilities that your SIM card will get cloned.
The India recall is part of a global exercise that will see the company call back 6, 93,497 vehicles worldwide due to faulty engine parts.
Taxi driver Zahid Akram went to get a council tax issue sorted out on Tuesday but he was told he'd have to call back because the system was down.