call for help

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But all the Nurse did was to shut down the window and call for help, and the dogs of the house came rushing out.
It was only that Mukhorty, whether to encourage himself or to call for help, had neighed loudly and resonantly.
Then I rose to call for help. Hardly had my shaking hand found the doorknob when--merciful heaven!--I heard it returning.
He lay thus for some time, watching the receding and rapidly diminishing lights of the steamer without it ever once occurring to him to call for help. He never had called for help in his life, and so it is not strange that he did not think of it now.
The servants, answering the call for help, carry her into the house.
His half-formed intention to call for help was expunged by the terrifying cry--where such a voice lived, no human creatures could dwell.
My pride, which had not allowed me to apply for protection to the prison authorities, would not allow me now to call for help. I tried to get to the fireplace and arm myself with the poker, but Gentleman Jones was too quick for me.
'Stole what, for God's sake?' cried the matron, with a gesture as if she would call for help.
'It is I who should call for help,' he said; 'you don't know yet how much I need it.'
Such was the nastiness of the threat of violence that the crew had to call for help from the police.
About 30 minutes after the boat tipped over, the stranded passengers were able to call for help. They were all returned to shore safely.
Another serious call for help was received at 4.05am, after two vehicles burst into flames in the Tseri area of Nicosia.