call forth

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The question of how in our day to call forth new lay ministers is increasingly important.
She teases us with three, four or more bright, warm-to-hot days to call forth buds and blooms on trees and shrubs, and then blackens the newly emerged foliage and flowers with a sharp killing cold that is then followed by delightfully balmy weather.
His attempt to call forth the faith of his friends and neighbors went unanswered.
ARTICLE 34: (Modification of the Budget):- Should any considerations that which call forth the carrying of any modification in the state's budget or any other circumstances or consideration arise on the basis of essential variables in economic and financial aspects, the Minister shall prepare a bill of law for amending the budget and submits it to the Cabinet which refers it the Shura Council and the House of Representatives for discussion and consideration thereof in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
5 : to bring or call forth (as strength or courage) from within