call off

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They are in complete disobedience of the court's orders for the last two months and they need to call off the strike first before talking to the management regarding their demands.
Apollo has found that it can offer a greater service to its clients by using Rixonway's Call Off Manager system.
Sunderland chose yesterday morning to call off their clash against Bolton at the Stadium of Light following a second meeting of the city's safety advisory group.
com International but officials were left with little option but to call off proceedings with surface water on parts of the course.
The decision by the RMT to call off the remaining two strike days is good news for passengers and means that we can all get back to focusing on improving the train services.
The verbal sign we use to call off another fielder is "I got it
Former Aberdeen star Willie Miller suggested that referees should get out of their beds earlier to call off matches.
Notwithstanding the decision to call off the merger, the collaboration between AdvizeX and The Normandy Group has been indisputably beneficial to both companies.
The forecast is for it to continue raining and the only sensible decision to take is to call off the meeting.
But police chief inspector Donald MacPherson stood by his decision to call off the game.
Newtown were forced to call off their game at Llanelli's Stebonheath Park as they were unable to travel due to difficult road conditions, with Haverfordwest unable to make it up to Porthmadog and Druids not able to make it to Port Talbot.
Britton said: "I had no option put to call off last night's session and I have no idea of my squad.