call out

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And they love that their personal details, including their email address, isn't displayed on the site or made available to people responding to the call outs," she said.
Most of the call outs Mr Thackray and Dodge have attended have been for missing people, or injured and lost people who had dialled 999 for help.
The Chief Fire Officers Association said yesterday more and more firefighters are being trained for obesity call outs.
Crews from the base in Barnstaple, in Devon, travelled an average of 33 nautical miles to call outs, with incidents requiring an average of one hour and two minutes of flying time.
Commandant Gavin Young of the Defence Forces said: "Not all of the call outs would be for devices left by criminals.
Patrolmen had 22,500 call outs last January 6, with more than 37,000 over the following two days as heavy frost and snow gripped the UK.
Normally we're dealing with around 150 call outs at this time of year.
entry JUST a small handful of Coventry locations accounted for an incredible 6,000 police call outs over an 18-month period, the Telegraph can reveal.
The resources those call outs and that money represents should be deployed dealing with genuine emergencies rather than incidents of malicious mischief.