call public attention to

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Feigning 'concern' for the bombing victims and their families, its real, dark intent is to call public attention to itself to gain political mileage and to malign government by fabricating stories.
I replied that one reason was to call public attention to such issues as our nation's approach to infectious diseases.
McCaffrey, who in 2003 was among the first to call public attention to the relatively small size of the U.
Instead, they spoke to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, a panel that can call public attention to issues and recommend policies to other committees, but has no authority over tribal college funding.
Finally, we explore how MeritCare's use of an internal team served as a support structure and bolstered MeritCare's ability to call public attention to a national medical problem.
Taking a lesson from the success of advocacy to reduce breast cancer, concerted efforts are needed to call public attention to the toll that lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases is exacting on women's health and to demand accountability on the part of the tobacco industry.
He added that he was at first reluctant to publish a book because it took him "too much courage" to call public attention to himself.
The organization felt it was important to call public attention to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The 31 exhibiting artists share a common bond -- all are professional artists, all have MS, and all are determined to call public attention to the fact that disability is not a synonym for inability.
A number of activities have been held to call public attention to persistent forms of genderbased violence, from sex discrimination even before birth, to unequal treatment of daughters and sons in families, communities and schools, to different forms of sexual violence and discrimination, to violence and exploitation in conflictaffected areas.