call public attention to

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I replied that one reason was to call public attention to such issues as our nation's approach to infectious diseases.
Instead, they spoke to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, a panel that can call public attention to issues and recommend policies to other committees, but has no authority over tribal college funding.
Defenders of Property Rights ran a full-page, paid advertisement in the November 1, 2005 edition of Washington, DC's Washington Times newspaper to further call public attention to the issue.
He added that he was at first reluctant to publish a book because it took him "too much courage" to call public attention to himself.
The organization felt it was important to call public attention to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The 31 exhibiting artists share a common bond -- all are professional artists, all have MS, and all are determined to call public attention to the fact that disability is not a synonym for inability.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 600 young people who are members of REBEL (Reaching Everyone By Exposing Lies), New Jersey's youth anti-tobacco movement, stepped up their fight to call public attention to the dangers of tobacco use by conducting a STOMP OUT SMOKING march of 10,700 steps in memory of the number of New Jersey residents who die each year from tobacco-related illnesses.
The President's Service Awards were created as the President's Volunteer Action Awards in 1982 to honor outstanding individuals and organizations engaged in volunteer service directed at solving critical social problems and to call public attention to the contribution made by the nation's 93 million volunteers.