call the roll

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In the first faint gray of the morning, when the swarming advance had paused to resume something of definition as a line of battle, and skirmishers had been thrown forward, word was passed along to call the roll.
Call the roll of these three hundred eventful years, and all the great masters of song will answer you.
Call the roll, starting with the latest involving Rep.
Students remember him for his encyclopedic knowledge and his kindness--as well as for his ability to call the roll by memory at the first class of each term
FRC President Tony Perkins said, "Today we join with millions of our fellow Americans in asking our senators to call the roll.
At the start of last Wednesday's meeting, Ferraro announced: ``Please call the roll of the council and vampires.
Today, hours after the bodies fell in Texas, the clerk will call the roll, and a lot more people will be watching.
We may have to go small,'' said Ford, who proceeded to call the roll of players whose quickness could be a boon to the team's bid to finally win more frequently than a taxpayer taking on the IRS.
One can only appreciate the fluidity of using a touch tone phone to call the Rolls Royce dealer to find out how far along the blokes in England are in building your new $325,000 car; the one without the stretch marks on the bench seats.
Getting to work with what they call the Rolls Royce of the vines is something special.