call to mind

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I cannot call to mind, now, how I came to hear about Yorkshire schools when I was a not very robust child, sitting in bye-places near Rochester Castle, with a head full of PARTRIDGE, STRAP, TOM PIPES, and SANCHO PANZA; but I know that my first impressions of them were picked up at that time, and that they were somehow or other connected with a suppurated abscess that some boy had come home with, in consequence of his Yorkshire guide, philosopher, and friend, having ripped it open with an inky pen-knife.
They recollected how the change had come, and could call to mind that when her son was born, upon the very day the deed was known, he bore upon his wrist what seemed a smear of blood but half washed out.
05 BETWAY FAIRWAY STAKES (LISTED) (1) (3-Y-O) 1m 2f Winner PS20,983 (8 run) ITV1/RUK 1 (6) 1 CALL TO MIND (28) W Haggas 9-3.
Call to Mind The Winter is White THE Highland-hearted, Glasgow-based band have created widescreen-wonder since 2010's debut EP.
The album delivers track after track of dance floor friendly hooks that call to mind Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie--and that blend of sound is a joyful noise indeed.
3 : to call to mind through close connection or association <Smoke suggests fire.