call to mind

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Judging from the track getting airplay, the slinky, '60s-ish ``Walkin' on the Sun,'' which sounds like the old English punk-era band the Stranglers if they'd grown up amid West Coast sprawl, Smash Mouth doesn't really call to mind any of its Cali contemporaries.
Physical activity can even prompt preschoolers to call to mind, on demand, shifting perspectives in a familiar but faraway place, Rieser argues.
These atmospheric images call to mind Color Field painting and similarly make strange the divide between abstraction and representation.
While figures painted this way call to mind many situations, they are completely decontextualized, uprooted.
Paintings like Kristin with Kristin's Eyes in Her Head, 2001, a sketchy, drippy acrylic portrait of a young woman sitting at a desk staring blankly out at the viewer, and Jill, Tasty, On the Floor, 2001, a girl in red-and-black plaid pants and punky Doc Martens sitting on a floor strewn with CDs, video-game controls, and a boom box, call to mind days devoted to youthful boredom and disaffection--hanging out listening to music, playing games, and doodling.