call together

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I will call together a meeting of the Defence Council this evening to see how France can extend this initiative," the French leader said.
The films follows the work of home birth midwife Miriam Schwarzchild, an unaffiliated Jew, with whom Jordan followed for three months in 2012, practically on call together.
This could include things like planning a vacation, shopping online or playing a game while on a video call together, Mozilla further added.
It was very interesting to see the defence minister [Arturo Puricelli] call together the joint chiefs of staff and, in a room packed with military personnel, talk to them about machismo and get them to commit themselves to fighting it," said Jose Maria Di Bello, one of the leaders of the campaign.
1 : to call together (as troops) for roll call or inspection
A decision was taken to call together the 860-strong ruling council on June 23.
PARTICK THISTLE have asked the SFA to call together their Appeals Committee as quickly as possible to resolve their relegation wrangle with the SPL.