call together

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I will call together the most learned men of Europe: I will consult them.
"You confess to having seen the ram which Beelzebub causes to appear in the clouds to call together the witches' sabbath, and which is beheld by socerers alone?"
But if you turn shameless and make false promises, then I call together the destroyers of kilns, Shatter and Smash and Charr and Crash and Crudebake who can work this craft much mischief.
"You will obey the commands of your queen," he said, "and go back to Opar with her or Tarzan of the Apes will call together the other creatures of the jungle and slay you all.
Before Hester Prynne could call together her thoughts, and consider what was practicable to be done in this new and startling aspect of affairs, the sound of military music was heard approaching along a contiguous street.
First you must call together your attendants, and order them to remain in a little hamlet close by until you want them.
He coaxed and blustered by turns, but in vain; the natives were neither to be intimidated nor appeased, and as a final resort he was obliged to call together his boat's crew, and pull away from what he termed the most infernal place he ever stepped upon.
call together the Huron dogs, that they may look upon a warrior, My nostrils are offended; they scent the blood of a coward."
"Where we identify that we don't know those images or videos, we then call together all the people from the victim identification network across the globe and those images and videos will be seen by those people," he said.
"I will call together a meeting of the Defence Council this evening to see how France can extend this initiative," the French leader said.