call upon

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In March, another New York trial court held that the owner of a building sued by a demolition worker exposed to lead-based fumes could call upon his insurance company.
Fortunately, ISO New England was able to call upon its emergency resources in Southwest Connecticut today to maintain power system reliability in that area.
The California ISO asked Southern California Edison to call upon 600 megawatts of commercial customers that have signed up to voluntarily curtail power during high demand days.
Public Citizen and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Call Upon the IRS to Enforce Section 527 Reporting Requirements
We call upon the President to act immediately to bring a just resolution and to stop this unfair deportation.
The Governor and I call upon auto dealers to do their part in being energy efficient.
Under the terms of the agreement, Genentech will co-promote INTEGRILIN in the more than 5,000 hospitals that its representatives currently call upon for TNKase and Activase.
We call upon consumers to reject the DMA's cynical attempt to say 'if you get spammed, it's your problem.