call upon

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I have no wish to call upon my people, Wolf-Man," she answered.
If I can be of any further assistance, pray do not hesitate to call upon me.
We also call upon the government to ensure that investigations by the Crime Branch are fast tracked and are fair to be followed by a fast track court trial so that justice can be dispensed,' it added.
At the same time, they call upon the political parties to immediately stop with the pressures on citizens and not respecting the electoral silence.
We also call upon the United Nations to take the lead, which it must under its mandate, in stopping immediately the genocide of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar,' the resolution added.
The Council renewed its call upon the Governments of Sudan and South Sudan to provide full support to the UN, including by promptly issuing visas to military, police and civilian UN personnel, including humanitarian personnel, without prejudice to their nationality, for entry into Sudan and South Sudan.
Lebanon has a lot of untapped opportunities and we call upon investors all over the world to invest in our country," he told an audience at Lebanon Day held Saturday at the Expo Milano.
Today, and more than any time before, we call upon everybody to direct rifles towards the enemy that is occupying Palestine and aggressing its people,' he underlined.