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Calligraphers don't have an identity here in Yemen due to the lack of Arabic calligraphy curricula, departments and local competitions," said Khalid Al-Ward, an Arabic calligraphy trainer involved with school curriculum at the Education Ministry.
Shows by Qatari calligrapher Rashed Mubarak al Muhannadi and international artists Sabah Arbilli's 'Metaphoric' and '99 Names of Allah', by Vincent Abadie Hafez dealt with calligraphy in its classical and contemporary manifestations.
While studying calligraphy, I felt the need to know more about the art I saw around me.
Calligraphers, however, are very distressed at a decision taken last year by then minister of education Ahmed Zaki Badr in the former Ahmed Nazif Cabinet, whereby 300 calligraphy schools across the nation were not to accept new students.
Artist Saleh al Shukairi is currently working on a book, due to be published next year, charting the history of calligraphy in this country.
His ability to create spectacular works of Chinese calligraphy even after he lost his sight underscores our belief that people who are visually impaired often possess a stronger and deeper sense of vision than do people who are sighted.
In addition to pursing his own artwork, Tanahashi conducts calligraphy workshops at various Buddhist centers around the country and internationally.
of Zurich) examines the ways these different themes relate to the different stages of Muso's life, as well as his attitudes toward calligraphy and the influence of other calligraphers on his development.
Tomorrow 10am to noon: Family Calligraphy Workshop (adults pounds 6, children pounds 4)' Tue, 2pm to 4pm: Modern Celtic Calligraphy Workshop (pounds 4)' Sat 29, 3pm to 5pm: Script Calligraphy Workshop (pounds 4).
Through a Taiwanese priest, Joseph Fan Zhongliang, the "underground" bishop of Shanghai, sent Zen a framed scroll of a poem Fan had composed and rendered in Chinese calligraphy.
A telling sign of the lively good health of the art of calligraphy in modern China, and of the attention it has gained abroad, was the decision made by the British Museum to form a collection of works dating from the founding of the People's Republic in 1949 to the present.