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To convoke or summon by public announcement; to request the appearance and participation of several people—such as a call of a jury to serve, a roll call, a call of public election, or a call of names of the members of a legislative body.

In contract law, the demand for the payment of money according to the contract terms, usually by formal notice.

As applied to corporation law, the demand of the board of directors that subscribers pay an installment or portion of the amount that is still owed on shares that they have agreed to buy. A call price is the price paid by a corporation for the redemption of its own Securities.

In securities, a contract that gives a person the right to demand payment of a certain specified number of shares of stock at a stated price or upon a fixed date.

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n. the demand by a corporation that a stockholder pay an installment or assessment on shares already owned.

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1 a demand by a company on shareholders to pay all or part of the subscription price of the shares not already paid.
2 to admit, in the sense of a barrister being called to the BAR.
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