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Police sergeant Alan Baird said last night: "This was a callous act, and understandably, caused a great deal of distress to the family.
Police are keen to catch the callous pair before they strike again.
Now police are hunting the callous thief who stole a memorial bouquet of flowers and sympathy card left at the scene.
To leave a pipe bomb in the front garden of a house on a busy road, passed by dozens of school pupils and hundreds of drivers every day, is an act of callous recklessness.
A CALLOUS thief befriended a heart attack victim as he staggered to hospital - then took his car.
A CALLOUS drunk driver who killed a 63-year-old woman motorist by smashing into the back of her car at 100mph was jailed for sixand-a-half years yesterday.
This might sound callous' but it's nowhere near as callous as Huntley whose attention-seeking suicide bids keep stirring up memories for the parents of Holly and Jessica, the children he killed.
Sgt Helen Kirkman, from Rose Road police, said: "This was a particularly callous incident which has deprived a little girl of learning sign language to help her communicate with her family and friends.
ONE man's air disaster is another man's golden business opportunity and after an American Airlines jet crashes, Sterling Cooper makes a callous bid to become the company's new ad agency.