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Serving as religious broadcaster Pat Robertson's front man, Reed has built a remarkably influential political machine by callously exploiting the passions of fundamentalist Christians.
Our health and our bodies must not become the sacrificial altars on which demographic targets are callously arrived at.
Death is a consequence of this unyielding need for new biomass and is callously accepted by most.
We were concerned that Converse, using unfair competition and infringing upon our groups' intellectual property, had deliberately and callously decided to target the members of our organizations for sales of its shoes without obtaining any sort of permission from our groups," said Helen Owens, Chair of the Council of Presidents and national president of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
The emaciated and ill-treated animals have been callously dumped at a beauty spot which is popular with tourists and locals alike.
He was then callously dumped in a side alley near to Egremont Promenade, where he died of his injuries.
Gary Gray, of Poppy Scotland, said: "We were shocked to hear Tom had been targeted so callously.
The architect of this, Margaret Thatcher, they callously dumped, thereby showing the kind of people they are.
Troops callously opened fire as thousands turned out to help bury Friday's victims in the capital Damascus and the flashpoint southern city of Deraa.
The Tories are callously indifferent of their savage cuts beginning to provoke uproar around the country.
It would have been so easy to simply move it aside into a hedgerow instead of treating it so callously.
Which neatly, if callously, solves his in-law problem.