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The most noted item from both the samples came out to be callousness or lack of sympathy.
And being willing to approve of such an act just because you think God approves certainly sounds like something that would require a shocking degree of callousness and lack of empathy.
Psychopathy is a broad term that covers a severe personality disorder characterized by callousness, manipulation, sensation-seeking and antisocial behaviors, traits which may also be found in otherwise healthy and functional people.
And providing local officials with a mere six minutes to defend a school that houses 368 students speaks to a callousness on the part of the state's educational bureaucracy that calls out for reform.
The BBFC said the black and white film "may encourage some viewers to enjoy and share in the man's callousness and the pleasure he takes in the woman's pain and humiliation".
I never thought I would see one that would go to such dishonourable length to send the nation's armed forced to invade a sovereign country on the whim of another head of government and had the callousness to disregard the horrific consequences.
British playwright Christopher Hampton has championed von Horvath and translated several of his works, including this noir study of guilt, responsibility and the petty callousness of everyday life under fascism in Austria.
Years later, armed with this knowledge, the fact that Tony Blair cannot find a way to express any regret for such outcomes, and for Alistair Campbell to maintain pride in such actions, displays a callousness beyond my simple comprehension.
For sadly, this family is not alone in feeling despair at the callousness to which some will descend.
But an innocent villager from Bihar's East Champaran district had to pay for the police's callousness.
So guess when the game, originally condemned by the BBFC for its "unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone", is due for release?
He said: "I cannot get over the callousness of your government.