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The callousness of these men, to whom industrial organization gave control of the lives of other men, was appalling.
His heart is seared and contracted by this struggle, the current of life sets toward the brain, and the callousness of the Parisian is the result--the condition of things in which schemes for power and wealth are concealed by the most charming frivolity, and lurk beneath the sentimental transports that take the place of enthusiasm.
The judge on passing sentence commented feelingly upon the depravity and callousness of the young prisoner.
I said to myself: "He puts on the callousness of a stern revolutionist, the insensibility to common emotions of a man devoted to a destructive idea.
It is useless, and the time awfully fails me, to prolong this description; no one has ever suffered such torments, let that suffice; and yet even to these, habit brought--no, not alleviation--but a certain callousness of soul, a certain acquiescence of despair; and my punishment might have gone on for years, but for the last calamity which has now fallen, and which has finally severed me from my own face and nature.
The nervous fatigue of this existence, the insincerities and platitudes which I had to live through twice over--through my inner and outward sense--would have been maddening to me, if I had not had that sort of intoxicated callousness which came from the delights of a first passion.
WHAT happened to ignored working-class girls in Telford is a scandal, vile sexual abuse overlooked or ignored either through callousness or incompetence.
Some of the markers were selfishness, callousness, and antisocial behaviour.
With each passing day, our hope for moving forward is ruthlessly shattered by the apathy and callousness of those who are at the helm.
LALAMUSA -- Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has slated the callousness of the organizers of the ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's rally who had left the twelve year old child unattended after he was hit by their car near Gujrat.
Members of National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) and Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER), said (early March) that droughts and government's callousness have taken Thar situation to alarming levels.
Islamabad -- Faiz Ahmed Faiz Auditorium remains incomplete despite passage of 5 years since its inception due to callousness of the authorities concerned.