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If the youth recognizes his callowness in refusing to respond to her overtures ("youth is cruel, and has no remorse / And smiles at situations which it cannot see") his is nonetheless the privileged viewpoint.
When I was Anne Frank's age, I hated Anne Frank, and so did other disaffected American Jewish girls in the 1950s; but some of us used her too, to escape from lives we thought were awful, and for this callowness I still cringe.
We adults look back at the callowness of our high school years with a bit of amusement.
A Scottish guest laughed at my callowness; one should eat porridge with a sprinkling of salt.
Of course, other, more prominent suspects have a hand in the death of desire chronicled again and again in Wilde's story; better known genealogies of boredom are duly rehearsed by the novel: the spots of commonness revealed when the loved one removes her stage makeup; the callowness of a lover whose desire can't endure the sight of them; and, most familiar of all, the satisfaction of desire that is also its end.
By having the editor of The Man-at-Arms repeat this comment in all seriousness, Wharton suggests not only his callowness but Ivy's inevitable failure.
The tone of this edition reflects the belletristic mood of its age and perhaps its author's own callowness. Gollancz's Preface states his purpose as "gaining [for Pearl] readers outside the limited circle of specialists" in medieval literature, and the editor adds the hope that the poem will "find kindly welcome in many an English home [emphasis mine]" (xiii).
The callowness and general air of sycophancy as regards writer and work is typical, and only slightly less disabling than the presupposition that fiction equals testimony, full stop.
Much of dialogue has the ring of "found" talk, whole sentences of which I felt were being recalled from some part of my memory, in their accuracy and callowness. War movies don't usually recognize that most wars, including Vietnam, are fought by teenagers.
IF they lose to Monaghan on Sunday, Anthony Forde says Cavan won't be blaming it on the callowness of youth.
Hirsch brings a touch of callowness to the part of Dietz, the youngest among them, but no less a fighter to the end.
In pressing the Condemn Censorship button and extolling the virtues of freedom of expression, these missives exposed their authors' callowness and displayed an utter lack of ideological and political imagination in such matters--an imaginative deficit that itself poses a grave threat to art, ideas, and individuals.