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The callowness and general air of sycophancy as regards writer and work is typical, and only slightly less disabling than the presupposition that fiction equals testimony, full stop.
Much of dialogue has the ring of "found" talk, whole sentences of which I felt were being recalled from some part of my memory, in their accuracy and callowness.
Hirsch brings a touch of callowness to the part of Dietz, the youngest among them, but no less a fighter to the end.
9 Woman on the Beach (Hong Sang-soo) Less complex than many of Hong's twice-told tales of male callowness and self-absorption, but the Korean director's sense of social abasement has never been sharper.
His voice seems not fully formed yet, which may explain why he favored arrangements saturated in Las Vegas-type glitz, the better to conceal callowness.
He has been known to rail against critics (like me) who have found their summer Shakespeares sometimes unsatisfactory, the callowness of the cast and occasional lack of subtlety forgivable only if it was a sunny evening and the picnic agreeable - although we have also enjoyed their successes, such as A Midsummer Night's Dream a couple of years ago.
I think the theoretical point remains defensible: that it is preferable (to me) to interpret the story as requiring three different (interest) points of view: that of the wife who desires both to nurture and be nurtured, that of the unsympathetic husband who is busy with his studies, and that of the padrone who simply wants to make his guest happier, and whose gallant concern, no matter how wayward, shows off the husband's callousness and callowness in their proper light.
the work of an instant) and felt deeply ashamed at my callowness and shallowness.
While this was treated as just another example of Quayle's callowness, he was merely pronouncing what many of his more discreet colleagues, including the present occupant of the White House, firmly believe.
None of those qualities were on display at Upton Park, as the helpless Benitez watched his side collapse, showing a callowness that was indefensible.
Adam Sandler's central performance as some version of himself is notable for its revelation of callowness and ambivalent self-regard, which will fascinate some fans and turn off others.