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These were linked to callus by filamentous extremity typical to globular embryo (Figure 1d and 1e).
In maize culture, the immature zygotic embryo is the most widely used explant for the establishment of embryogenic callus cultures and genetic transformation (FRAME et al.
It was observed through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) that cells from transparent aqueous callus showed an elongated shape (Figure 2A).
The employment of biotechnology in plant improvement is dependent on callus induction and subsequent plant regeneration [35].
She had found that the bacteria caused callus cells to grow poorly, become discolored, and even to leak severely.
The final volume of the Callus complete edition presents pieces extant only in scribal copies.
The present study was carried out to develop an efficient protocol for callus induction, total cucurbitacins and cucurbitacin-E accumulation under the effect of different growth regulators and explant types of Citrullus colocynthis (Handel).
Stuart said, adding that "if that area of callus has any appearance of extravasation in the base of it, consider it already ulcerated.
Researchers have discovered clumps of previously unreported callus hairs growing in the flesh of mature apples of Fuji and closely related varieties.
These events are closely associated with closure of the wound and formation of a primitive callus (blastema).
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, January 2004: Moses has written poetry and plays; she is co-author of Dick Gregory's memoir Callus on my Soul.