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Whereas the mean callus formation increased due to increasing NAA concentration, it decreased due to increasing BAP concentration for both explants.
Kim SH, et al, Callus formation is associated with hyperproliferation and incomplete differentiation of keratinocytes, and increased expression of adhesion molecules.
In order to determine the best callus induction medium and type of explant, the experimental design was completely randomized, represented by 20 media types and two explants types.
The first report of cotton somatic embryogenesis demonstrated the regeneration of cotton plantlets from somatic embryos of Coker variety 310 using 2 years old callus [8].
Acetocarmine and Evans blue staining, in turn, enable the differentiation of embryogenic cultures because callus cells may adopt two different morphological conformations (STEINER et al.
2011), adventitious roots in cuttings of plants with secondary growth originating from the young tissue of the phloem, vascular rays, vascular cambium or callus produced at the base of the cuttings.
Nodal explants were used and dissected from the juvenile stems (2-3 cm) of the donors for callus initiation.
The cause of this phenomenon became presence of the callus after the primary fracture, that "has smoothed" friction between bone fragments.
Callus proliferation, callus embryogenesis and regeneration were the parameters under consideration to determine calli viability.