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CORN. In its most comprehensive sense, this term signifies every sort of grain, as well as peas and beans, this is its meaning in the memorandum usually contained in policies of insurance. But it does not include rice. 1 Park. Ins. 112; Marsh. Ins. 223, note; Stev. on Av. part 4, art. 2; Ben. on Av. eh. 10; 1 Marsh. Ins. 223; Park on Ins. 112; Wesk. Ins. 145. Vide Com. Dig. Biens, G 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Embryonic callus induction medium II: Orchimax minerals and vitamins, 400 mg/l casein, 2.5 mg/l 2,4-D, 1 g/l activated charcoal and 2 g/l gelrite.
With respect to the induction of adventitious shoots, it was observed that they were formed from the green spots originated from the callus formation (Figure 1H).
Identification of Embryonic and Nonembryogenic Callus. Difference between nonembryogenic and embryogenic callus was achieved on the basis of callus physical characteristic [21, 22].
Morphological parameters of calluses were detected by measuring the callus width, length, and regeneration type by stereo microscope Nikon SMZ 800.
An average of 6.4 shoots, 5.4 rooted seedlings and 3.8 plants were subjected to acclimatization and three adult acclimatized plants per gram of callus were produced.
(2.) Kim SH, et al, Callus formation is associated with hyperproliferation and incomplete differentiation of keratinocytes, and increased expression of adhesion molecules.
In order to determine the best callus induction medium and type of explant, the experimental design was completely randomized, represented by 20 media types and two explants types.
Sterilized seeds were cultured on MS media (Murashige and Skoog, 1962) supplemented with 3% sucrose, 0.3% gelrite and 2 mg L-1 2, 4-D (pH 5.8) to induce the formation of MR219 callus. The cultures were maintained in the dark at 25 +- 2degC for 30 days.
usitatissimum from callus culture under given in vitro conditions (medium supplemented by Ag NPs or Au NPs).
After 21 days, the induced callus was cut from the explants and cultured into the mentioned media and then subcultured every 21 days for three more times.
However, the application of tissue culture technology will depend on the availability of an effective regeneration system through callus and/or shoot tip culture.
Although many methods of callus removal are available, including autolytic therapy with hydrogels, whirlpools, and wet-to-dry dressings, Dr.