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By the best accounts, calmative agents and other nonlethal weapons may still incur a 0.
So calmative yoga exercises didn't have a significant decrease in intestinal-abdominal obesity.
The rest of the poem, and its subsequent transformations, can appear as intended to offer a cautionary lesson and calmative solution to this discombobulating agitation and excitement.
Moreover, this seems to predict that bingeing on a palatable food is required to achieve the euphoric and/or calmative effect.
Given the exigencies of modern warfare, it is no surprise that the world did not condemn Russia's use of a calmative agent when storming a Moscow theater in 2002, or that the 2008 Second Review Conference on the CWC could not agree on the status of incapacitating chemical weapons.
Schisandra chinensis (SC) has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for over 2000 years, as both a tonic and a calmative.
Tristan Roberts, 28, inadvertently overdosed on the lethal brew which he may have taken as a late-night calmative.
Alongside common cooking herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage and mint are the lesser-known borage, wormwood (from which absinthe is made), rue (an antispasmodic and calmative that can also induce abortions, according to Messerli) and St.
One of the company's newest offerings is Tranquil Day calming formula caplets, a daytime calmative that diminishes nervousness, irritability and tension without drowsiness.
Proust's exposure of habit as calmative allows Beckett's release from the vision of history as repetition.
sedative: Substance that reduces nervous tension; usually stronger than a calmative.