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(22.) Samuel Beckett, The Calmative, in Samuel Beckett, The Expelled and Other Novellas, London, Penguin 1980, p51.
By the best accounts, calmative agents and other nonlethal weapons may still incur a 0.5% chance of death and a 0.5% chance of significant injury.
Without question the curve adds a warmth and calmative feel over the square shapes, without compromising clean, crisp lines.
Also performing calmative techniques cause the decrease of neural system activity that can decrease heartbeat and blood pressure.
When it enters the brain, it has a strong affinity for the benzodiazepine receptors and causes a desirable calmative effect which you have observed.
Chamomile Matricaria chamomilla is a great asset in any herbal medicine dispensary and as a nervine and calmative it is a great contributor to mental wellness and relaxation.
The calmative, persuasive, note is unmistakable ("Come!--let me see thee sink into a dream / Of quiet thoughts").
Specific odours in general may provide the calmative effects via associative memory evocation rather than any direct pharmacological action.
Moreover, this seems to predict that bingeing on a palatable food is required to achieve the euphoric and/or calmative effect.
Given the exigencies of modern warfare, it is no surprise that the world did not condemn Russia's use of a calmative agent when storming a Moscow theater in 2002, or that the 2008 Second Review Conference on the CWC could not agree on the status of incapacitating chemical weapons.
Schisandra chinensis (SC) has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for over 2000 years, as both a tonic and a calmative. As a tonic, one of its uses is to support mental function.