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By design, kinetic weapons cause blunt trauma, electromagnetic weapons bring searing pain, and calmatives render individuals unconscious.
By the best accounts, calmative agents and other nonlethal weapons may still incur a 0.
Faced with tens of militants who threatened to kill hundreds of Muscovites, Russian authorities pumped a calmative into the ventilation system rather than storm the theater.
Psychochemicals and calmatives are agents that affect the central nervous system.
Nonlethal chemical technologies, such as calmatives, sticky foams, or even RCAs, offer the flexibility to effectively capture terrorists.
The application of a calmative during the October 2002 siege of a theater in Moscow illustrates the problem.
JNLWD spokesman Shawn Turner says the military has recently abandoned research on calmatives but not because of international legal issues.
The JNLWD has been fascinated by calmatives since its inception, and it is chomping at the bit to use them," he says.
In addition to available stun guns, people catcher nets, and sonar devices, the JNLWD believes that calmatives hold the additional promise of providing ways to subdue large, unruly sectors of a human population by blanket sedation.
Barring such results as those the Russians faced when 116 innocents were inadvertently killed by the pumped gas, calmatives are a seductive form of "non-lethal weapons" for use in crowd control because of their "reversible effects.
But unlike traditional weapons, neither calmatives nor the ADS can be developed or tested without medical knowledge or the participation of medical personnel.
The development of this new generation of ["nonlethal"] weapons incorporates knowledge from the remarkable advances made in medical science; two examples are calmatives and eye attack lasers.