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This idea, as preposterous as it might sound, is suggested in this government-funded calmatives report.
military or law enforcement OOTW's use of calmatives violates cognitive liberty and threatens mental sovereignty.
The application of a calmative during the October 2002 siege of a theater in Moscow illustrates the problem.
Some policy analysts exclude calmatives from armed conflict and law enforcement because they are not RCAs.
Given the exigencies of modern warfare, it is no surprise that the world did not condemn Russia's use of a calmative agent when storming a Moscow theater in 2002, or that the 2008 Second Review Conference on the CWC could not agree on the status of incapacitating chemical weapons.
JNLWP has planned computer simulations of the offensive use of calmative agents, contracted with a major US military supplier to develop an overhead-exploding chemical riot control mortar round, and field-tested new non-lethal weapons (but not biological ones) on humans in Kosovo.