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As such a weary ship in the calmest cove, so do I also now repose, nigh to the earth, faithful, trusting, waiting, bound to it with the lightest threads.
Will you oblige me by giving it the calmest and coolest perusal, and by discussing the subject afterwards with me, in the tone and spirit in which alone it ought to be discussed?
Clergymen, judges, statesmen,--the wisest, calmest, holiest persons of their day stood in the inner circle round about the gallows, loudest to applaud the work of blood, latest to confess themselves miserably deceived.
Chillip,' he proceeded, in the calmest and slowest manner, 'quite electrified me, by pointing out that Mr.
Sense of pleasure we may well Spare out of life perhaps, and not repine, But live content, which is the calmest life: But pain is perfet miserie, the worst Of evils, and excessive, overturnes All patience.
These mental deceptions, however, came and went, nor did he ever mistake them for realities: but in the calmest and clearest moods of his mind he was conscious that he had a deep vow unredeemed, and that an unburied corpse was calling to him out of the wilderness.
I proposed in the calmest tone that we should go on where he could get his much-needed rest.
This has been the calmest night since last Sunday," said Rami Abdurrahman who heads the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, referring to the start of the bombing campaign on February 19.
Roxi Anneis a nine-year-old domestic shorthair with the calmest temperament.
He is the calmest keeper I have seen," said the Clarets boss.
Young players - such as Lynden Gooch, George Honeyman and Joel Asoro - have played important parts in Coleman's four matches as Black Cats manager, but he has been keen to give credit to some of his more experienced figures, including Republic of Ireland centre-back O'Shea, one of calmest players he says he has worked with.
Salah was the calmest man in the stadium as he stepped up to secure the trip to Russia - Egypt's first appearance at the finals since 1990 in Italy.