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Phil Campbell "is committed to exceptional service regardless of the size of the case or who the client is," and David Fuqua "has the calmest demeanor of any lawyer I've met," Spivey said.
And the calmest of all was Pacquiao, who only had one thing to say: no trash talking.
President GE-l has also mentioned about the years he worked for the IKB as a finance analyst between 1983 and 1991, describing those days as "the calmest days for my family.
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are out, Murray is scrapping his way to the last four, and Djokovic is the coolest and calmest man in the whole of SW19.
Strangely it was the calmest of the judging panel who ended up coming to blows as Lebanese lovely, Carole Samaha and UAE ladies man, Hussein al Jasmi decided to cat fight on set.
Steel added one of De Gea's great strengths is calmness, adding they teach him that the calmest man on the field has to be the keeper.
Meanwhile Serra said Sunday that the Lebanon-Israel border is witnessing the calmest period in years due to close ties between the peacekeepers and the Army.
The agency said that the busiest period for crossings is from May to September, when the Mediterranean Sea is at its calmest.
This phase, between the completion of the book's production and its eventual publication, strikes me as the calmest and best part in the life of a book.
Even the calmest of elephants turn violent under such hostile situations and become marauders,'' said Dr Sreekumar, a veterinarian.
At the New Jersey home she shares with Lawrence and their twin sons Caleb and Jaden, she said: "I'm usually the calmest person, but in the play-offs, I'm not.
and O'Hara admits he was the calmest man in molineux amid all the mayhem - but only because he didn't realise how close Wolves were to losing their top flight status.