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Gaynsforth continued calmly, "is prepared to pay a thousand pounds for full information and proof as to the nature of those papers which were stolen from Mr.
I am inclined to agree with you," Wingrave remarked calmly.
I was not unprepared for some such outbreak, and without rising replied, calmly enough:
Might I not find more benefit in the contemplation of that venerable pile with the full moon in the cloudless heaven shining so calmly above it - with that warm yellow lustre peculiar to an August night - and the mistress of my soul within, than in returning to my home, where all comparatively was light, and life, and cheerfulness, and therefore inimical to me in my present frame of mind, - and the more so that its inmates all were more or less imbued with that detestable belief, the very thought of which made my blood boil in my veins - and how could I endure to hear it openly declared, or cautiously insinuated - which was worse?
But Leach took it quite calmly, though blood was spouting upon the deck as generously as water from a fountain.
I put the shovel away and calmly sat down on the coal-box facing him.
Dunster," his host replled calmly, "you surely cannot imagine that you are among thieves
In your own interests," he said calmly, "they will not be granted to you.
Our conversation," the latter said calmly, "has reached a point, Mr.
No, I don't smoke," Alexey Alexandrovitch answered calmly, and as though purposely wishing to show that he was not afraid of the subject, he turned to Pestsov with a chilly smile.
Darya Alexandrovna was firmly convinced of Anna's innocence, and she felt herself growing pale and her lips quivering with anger at this frigid, unfeeling man, who was so calmly intending to ruin her innocent friend.
And before even the nearest of the bystanders could realise what had happened Brott lay across the pavement a dead man, and Hedley was calmly handing over the revolver to a policeman who had sprang across the street.