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There are a good many of them middling bad this morning, sir," he said in a calm tone.
Behold, I am calm, I am ready; reveal to me the distance.
It was a fine, calm day, though very cold; I was tired of sitting still in the library through a whole long morning: Mrs.
The man with the soft calm eyes listened to me quietly, even politely, and with extreme attention; but nothing in his countenance indicated that he had understood my story.
On the 4th, however, the sea became more calm, and the storm lessened its violence; the wind veered southward, and was once more favourable.
Ah, here you are, monsieur," she said in her naturally calm voice; "but how pale you are
To refrain from intercepting an enemy whose banners are in perfect order, to refrain from attacking an army drawn up in calm and confident array:--this is the art of studying circumstances.
At these words a visible emotion was expressed on the beautiful countenance and calm features of Athos.
But Adam, being of a calm and cautious character, was loath to relinquish the advantages which a single man possesses for raising himself in the world.
It is the calm that brings ships mysteriously together; it is your wind that is the great separator.
Thou died'st in thy life's June - But thou did'st not die too fair: Thou did'st not die too soon, Nor with too calm an air.
They were all pale except the old diplomatist, who looked both calm and cool.