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They publicly avow the object of their meeting to be nothing short of a conspiracy against the friends of the present administration, or in other words, to convene a pestiferous caucus, to calumniate and asperse the fairest government in the world
People who were rational and who genuinely wanted to speak for the good of the citizens and only for a general interest were allowed to be heard and those who calumniate or speak from anger or from private interest to manipulate or mislead were frowned upon.
Although I do not wish to calumniate the current cadre of seminarians, today's models of priesthood and of training for priesthood do not seem up to the task.
However, he wished, modestly that his short-comings be forgiven:351:It is hoped that "the people of knowledge"Will not blame me for my faults,(and) will not calumniate me, like jealous people, (but) will correct my shortcomings (47).
Within the larger backdrop of the zoo and zoological classifications, their interactions in this scene, in which they further appropriate the codes of queer identity, represent their fears of their own endangerment even as they continue to calumniate the "fag.
Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who persecute and calumniate you, so that you may be children of your father in heaven.
During his yearly manic attacks (which began in early adulthood, announced by warning signals such as an itch in the neck and a tendency to calumniate his friends), Lowell gave proof of remarkable physical powers.
D'Arthez points out that the Princess has done nothing that is not done every day by men, that at least she does not calumniate former "partners in crime"--as they are now doing--and that their surprise over a woman's taking revenge by toying with men as they do with women infers that woman is less than man.