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Perhaps, but Folco derives from the Italian word folcire, to sustain, to prop up, and in the canto he props up the reputations of Cunizza and another calumniated woman, Rahab the harlot, who helped Joshua take Jericho.
Or perhaps he sympathizes with the calumniated Empress as he does with Griselda and, taking her example, desires to emerge triumphant from his afflictions?
What is certain is that after the events of 20 April 1814 Foscolo, even if he secretly never gave up his nationalistic ideas, always refused to partieipate aetively in Italian political life, or even to express his ideas in this regard, apart from defending himself when he reputed he was unjustly calumniated.
As Nicholas Mason has pointed out in his exhaustive account of the practice of puffing and its discontents, Coleridge was inveighing against the practice as early as 1796: "So many and so varying are the writers employed by the proprietary Booksellers, that it is hardly possible for an author, whose literary acquaintance is even moderately large, to publish a work which shall not be flattered in some one of the reviews by a personal friend, or calumniated by an enemy" (15).
The march started from Chandni Chowk and calumniated at Committee Chowk.
Al though APWA enjoyed the government's patronage and protection, yet they were calumniated by clerics without let or hindrance.
Yes, and it is better to know that by your charity (if you don't, you will be publicly calumniated and demonized) you will save your government thousands of dollars that could be more effectively used for more important causes--such as winning the Global War Against Terrorism.
Since the appearance of that scandalous work, Harriette Wilson's Memoirs, I have suffered much by my own reflections and those of my friends: she has calumniated me whenever she has mentioned my name, and appears to delight in reducing all to her own disgusting level.
Nor do they examine any examples of the much calumniated movement activism they denounce.
She is ridiculed, raped, calumniated, used, condemned and sometimes abandoned.
However, Khalid indicates that for Central Asians, the revival of Islam meant a return to national tradition, that is, the rediscovery of a national heritage which had been calumniated during the Soviet period.
Alajos Samuel,subdeacon-parson in Pest-Alsovaros, was also condemned and calumniated.