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For that matter, it seems almost like a truism by now that political attacks were carried out indirectly by calumniating a person's sexuality: essays from the 1970s by John H.
She was wholly without friends, without money, without protection, without succor; and the horror of a licentious pursuit, and the mischiefs menaced by calumniating ill wishers, still made a lonely residence as unsafe as when her first terror drove her to acquiesce in the proposition of Elinor.
(44) The lauzengier seeks, in epic literature, to defame a fellow knight in front of the feudal lord, while in lyric poetry the lauzengier is always intent on slandering and calumniating the lover in order to break his relationship with the lady.
How, for example, does one reconcile Simon Watney's passionate claim that at the core of Felix's art are issues of "systematic remembering and forgetting, of memorializing and calumniating gay men who have died from AIDS" with Miwon Kwon's contention that the "consistent presence of intimacy-in-distance and distance-in-intimacy as a conjoined dynamic" is "the key to FGT's overall artistic practice, a fundamental preoccupation of his life, and the foundation of his politics"?