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Actual calumniation of Nagy at the height of the crisis only came to light at the Budapest conference in 1996, when Maria Wittner, a former insurgent imprisoned from 1956 to 1970, read some RFE quotations aloud.
He painted such charges as slanders and calumniations of the sort true Christians had always faced, now more specifically intended by Elizabeth's councillors to pressure the queen to tighten measures against Catholics, to incense her against the Spanish, and more generally, to make her more pliable to do their bidding through fear.
43) Iago's skill in getting rid of Cassio before Othello awakes, and his subsequent friendly demeanor toward Cassio later in this scene, remind one of a passage in Plutarch: "a flatterer will do what he can to chase away true friends, and not suffer them to approach near; or if he be not able to do so, then openly and in public place he will seem to curry favour with them, to honour and admire them, as far better than himself; but secretly, underhand, and behind their backs, he will not let to raise some privy calumniations, and sow slanderous reports tending to their discredit" (78).