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In this connection, we have to keep in mind that the great majority of rural dwellers had never seen Europeans and may have derived their opinions of them from the long tradition of lurid tales propagated in incendiary posters, calumnious pamphlets, and ugly rumors.
This little spot the profane foot of calumnious Ridicule might have trembled to approach.
He is making a cuckold joke, based on what he thinks he knows about the nature of women, which is why the Countess calls him "a foulmouthed and calumnious knave" accurately identifying his reductive misogyny and supplying a positive counterpart to it both in herself and in her loving approbation of Helena's passion for the Countess's own son in the lines immediately following--arguably perhaps the play's greatest surprise and another instance of what Greenblatt calls "strange, irrepressible imaginative generosity.
110) The legislative history materialized in parts as a calumnious rant against the courts, that judges were the problem and needed to be severely disciplined.
Celine's portrayal of the city in these works is quite different from his calumnious version of London in the pamphlets--a debased city controlled by wily Jewish politicians, corrupt Jewish bankers, and vicious Jewish profiteers.
26) In the Venetian dominions, apart from "a few vain, unverified and perhaps calumnious rumors," the pontifical constitution did not have appreciable relapses and when, in 1754, a parish priest denounced a French physician as a Mason, the Venetian government intervened to block the trial intended by the Bishop of Lesina against the Freemason and refused to follow a papal excommunication judged to be contrary to the laws of the Republic.
At a recent meeting of the Association of Orthodox Jewish scientists and the Columbia Center for the Study of Science and Religion, it became clear that Jewish curiosity has provided sufficient genetic material to give a perfectly clear negative answer: there is no support in the genomes of today's Jews for the calumnious and calamitous model of biological Judaism.
4) Never the focus of an extended scholarly inquiry, A Marriage Below Zero is a landmark text for its steadfast confrontation with the "homosexual question" that, beginning in the 1880s, had become a calumnious public topic in Britain.
A chapter in Bea Stadtler's book, The Holocaust--A History of Courage and Resistance, documents Harand's project to combat the impact of this calumnious exhibit.
Later in 1531, Erasmus published an Apologia "against the patchworks of calumnious complaints by Alberto Pio, former Prince of Carpi, whom, although elderly and terminally ill and better suited for any other undertaking, certain ill-starred men have clandestinely incited to enact this farce.