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n. slang for maximum, as the most interest that can be charged on an "adjustable rate" promissory note.

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He pointed out that the Sudanese camels have achieved record numbers and won a number of races.
'If you have cow milk allergy or intolerance, camel milk is a great option since it lacks the A1 casein protein and lactoglobulin, found in cow milk,' he said.
The manager of the Camel Breeders' Union of Mongolia, Narantui Arunsana, said that today camel breeding is one of the main types of agriculture.
The company makes a variety of camel milk products that include yoghurt and fresh milk branded as Nuug, which means nourish.
Dr Ashraf said that in Pakistan, the camel milk share is negligible.
Chairing the session, UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ashraf said that camel milk contains more iron, three times higher vitamin-C than cow's milk in addition to more vitamins, minerals and low fat with high medical value.
Rising demand for supplements rich in calcium and vitamins is on a consistent rise, which is favoring the rise in adoption of camel milk as a rich source of calcium and vitamin B1.
The results of haematological analysis of trypanosomiasis positive camel samples and healthy camel shows that trypanosomiasis positive samples have decreased PCV, RBCs, Hb and platelets count.
Smearing camels with saffron as part of the celebration of winning
JEDDAH: For the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia, a woman will participate in an official camel race, a senior official said on Friday.
Camel Park manager, Mr Mooketsi Phalalo said in an interview recently that there was a high demand for camel milk from Batswana who purchase it for various purposes.
Held under the auspices of H E Sheikh Madit bin Mohamed bin Abdullah al Yaqobi, Governor of Al Wusta, the event witnessed the attendance of H E Sheikh Said bin Saud al Ghufili, chairman of the Oman Camel Racing Federation, and Nasser Issa al Maskari, corporate social responsibility manager at Occidental Oman.