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13] In this letter he accused the Army of bad practice with camouflage in New Guinea.
We compared the mean percent cover of each sessile organism with its relative abundance as camouflage (percentage of total wet mass).
Similarly, it was explained how camouflage technology can be used to minimise footprints on the ground for larger force elements, including assault forces operating from tactical ground vehicles.
This exhibition and an associated catalogue presents the work of the camouflage staff - often known as 'camoufleurs' - against the backdrop of life on the Home Front in wartime Leamington.
A very popular method for adding camouflage to a gun is using hydrographics, sometimes called liquid printing, water printing, or water transfer imaging.
As such, as Levin suggests, camouflage can be usefully read in performance not only as an aesthetic underpinning, but also as a means by which to understand the politics of visibility and authority, to explicate relationships between subjects, and/or to deliver activist demonstrations (15).
The goal of camouflage is the non-detection and non-recognition of bodies and objects.
This kind of technology can be used in the military for camouflage in a war zone.
The Camouflage It eliminates the need to have to constantly utilize tissues to keep the nasal area clean.
The Yankee Candle Company has added Camouflage as one of two new, limited-edition scents to its Man Candles collection.
TRI) will help KLOAK execute the licensing of its line of camouflage patterns, trademarks and proprietary design concepts to the outdoor industry, military and consumer goods markets.
The newly released G-Shock models are completely finished in camouflage patterns, including the band, case, and watch face.