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This kind of technology can be used in the military for camouflage in a war zone.
Potential licensees in the personal accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Camouflage It on a worldwide basis.
3 Safavieh Camouflage motifs are among the designs available in Safavieh's handknotted Vineyard line, which revives a 16th century Isfahan weave.
has developed a new camouflage pattern for outdoorswomen called the KLOAK "InvisiBelle" pattern in partnership with GPT.
Featuring a tiger-stripe camouflage motif with stripes running horizontally across the watch, the GD-X6900CM models meet the military standard specifications set by the US Department of Defense, a statement said.
Passive systems, such as camouflage painting, camouflage nets, infrared painting and radar absorbing coatings work to some extent.
Flowers University Professor have developed a system - yet again, inspired by nature - that allows the soft robots to either camouflage themselves against a background, or make bold colour displays.
WHAT IF THERE WAS a camouflage that literally made you invisible?
This is perfectly appropriate for one of the leaders in the art of camouflage and concealment.
Camouflage has far more uses than blending into a forest.
Camouflage's ever-increasing associations today with war, nature, and everyday life are apparent in the global escalation of national military patterns, in intensifying interest in the chemistry and physics of animal behaviours and colours, in expanding cooption of military aesthetics for street fashion, and in the growing popularity of camouflage as a conceptual tool for cultural analysis.
British troops serving in Afghanistan have been issued with a new-look camouflage - the first pattern change of its kind for more than 40 years, the Ministry of Defence has said.