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Have you spotted and photographed and camouflaged Jaguars, Land Rovers or Aston Martins on the roads of Coventry and Warwickshire?
I'm a fan of camouflaged guns myself, and the new Marlins are kinda neat.
The camouflaged sites, however, can cost "much, much more," because, as a representative of Summit Manufacturing of West Hazleton, PA said, they would be "cladding the pole with fake bark."
We marked each staple with either a gray or a brown cable tie to denote whether the crab tethered to it was camouflaged with Hypnea or Dictyota, then pushed the staple into the sand 0.5 m from the transect.
In fact, the 10X division of Walls Industries and Realtree have joined forces to produce a special pattern for the National Wild Turkey Federation, with a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the 10X camouflaged clothing going to the Federation.
CAMOUFLAGED Jaguar and Land Rover cars are a common enough sight on Coventry and Warwickshire roads but some are definitely stranger than others.
Contract award: retrofitting radio communication system for forensic services in camouflaged dmr radios and accessories camouflaged - case no.
A recent example of a "camouflaged" vehicle was seen when a car manufacturer launched an advertisement in which its car was made "invisible" thanks to the use of several mats of light-emitting diodes on the driver's side, while on the opposite side a video camera was used to pick the background to be mimicked by the diodes.
It was the camouflaged, European elk skull mount hanging in the booth.
He usually painted out these derelict warehouse environments in one color, generally white, sometimes the same hue as that of the "sculptures." In this way, three-dimensional space disappeared in a jumble of constructed or found detail so that the resulting large photographs looked like documents of some Gordon Matta-Clark-type catastrophe inflicted on camouflaged Minimalist sculptures in hiding.
The best-dressed Caucasian woodsman in America will stand out like a sore thumb unless his mug is carefully camouflaged. Some bowhunters grow beards to help conceal light complexion, but a fairly large area above the mouth is still off-color and easy to see unless you have a deep, deep tan or naturally mid-tone skin.
The heavily camouflaged Land Rover prototype vehicle was spotted by an eagle-eyed Telegraph reader at a motorway service station on the M5 in Somerset.