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I'm a fan of camouflaged guns myself, and the new Marlins are kinda neat.
Attorney Bronston says he has seen poles camouflaged like tall evergreens in Colorado and as palm trees in Florida.
We marked each staple with either a gray or a brown cable tie to denote whether the crab tethered to it was camouflaged with Hypnea or Dictyota, then pushed the staple into the sand 0.
In fact, the 10X division of Walls Industries and Realtree have joined forces to produce a special pattern for the National Wild Turkey Federation, with a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the 10X camouflaged clothing going to the Federation.
People will be invited to create knitted graffiti artwork for two of the Royal Pump Room columns, which will then be ''yarn bombed'' and camouflaged to celebrate the forthcoming exhibition.
Contract notice: Retrofitting radio communication system for forensic services in camouflaged dmr radios and accessories camouflaged - case no.
In this way, three-dimensional space disappeared in a jumble of constructed or found detail so that the resulting large photographs looked like documents of some Gordon Matta-Clark-type catastrophe inflicted on camouflaged Minimalist sculptures in hiding.