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Camouflage is an important survival tactic for many animals.
The next time you're outside, see if you can find any animals that use camouflage!
Their interest in African dance emerges in "Camouflage's" second section (`Mission Two: The Sorcerer's Crossing'), where the heroine encounters a witch doctor who transforms his victims into animals.
"Camouflage" represents the fiery side of the "Fire and Ice" program; the premiere of Dance Theatre of Oregon's "Cool Jazz" will provide the opposite.
WHAT: Dance Theatre of Oregon does "Cool Jazz" and "Anna Remembered" and Rainbow Dance Theatre does "Camouflage"
Disruptive coloration, or camouflage by wild patterns, breaks up an animal's outline and helps it blur into its surroundings.
Explore how other animals use camouflage. Choose examples from different climates and locations.
* Dolphins use counter shading, a type of camouflage that plays against natural shadows and light.
The so-called "Tiger Stripe" jungle pattern opened the door to a whole new way of thinking about camouflage.
Easily the biggest change in hunting camouflage has been the rapid popularity of the vertical bark patterns.
Still, even most softwood barks display a vertical pattern and while the shades may by slightly different than the shades of Crumley's original Trebark camouflage, a hunter dressed in Trebark and standing against practically any tree trunk will virtually disappear in the eyes of most game.