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[39] In December, in progress reports on camouflage schemes by the Directorate of Works, Department of Interior, money was allotted for camouflaging an RAAF aerodrome in Darwin.
{17} After the first Japanese air raids, Dakin and Dupain travelled to Darwin to work on the camouflaging of strategic objects including oil tanks.
After playing the game, ask campers if the wooded area made any difference in camouflaging and why animals camouflage themselves.
Arcot's patented cryptographic camouflage technology securely safeguards the private key by 'camouflaging' it among tens of thousands of well-formed false private keys.
Because many of these decorator crabs are herbivorous, they offer a novel opportunity for discriminating between the factors governing food and habitat selection in small herbivores because the camouflaging material that they place on their backs affords them a portable habitat but does not have to be used for food.
and (5) Do the crabs modify their feeding and camouflaging behavior in response to predation risk?