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'We urge all candidates not to campaign outside the official campaign period, and to be always mindful of the environmental impact of their campaigning activities,' Jimenez said
That's a reality," Colin Strother, said a Democratic campaign consultant unaffiliated with either Moser or her runoff opponent, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher.
The party's National Assistant Publicity Secretary Yeo Bee Yin told a press conference that currently there are six campaigns for the public to choose from but more will be made available as the 14th General Election looms near.
This retrospective title takes an in-depth look at some of the world's great public relations campaigns.
"There has to be a widespread ownership (of the campaign).
The Milwaukee ReMix campaign offered the national partners the opportunity to apply what was learned in Boston and Prince George's County.
The consumer research conducted by the board and MeringCarson led directly to the development of the Wise Choices campaign. The print and online campaign launched in the October issues of Everyday with Rachael Ray, O Magazine, Food and Wine and Cooking Light.
The 2004 presidential campaign was one of the most heated in recent memory, punctuated by thrusts and parries over Sen.
The ads, which were paid for by the NRCC, jump-started a major campaign against Kouri, in which United Seniors played a critical role.
The Gill-sponsored campaign about Norman, the dog that moos, is a clever research-based experiment to explore if public opinion truly moves when people believe that gayness is innate.
Unlike other campaign finance reforms that typically seek to close loopholes through which special interest money makes its way into candidates' coffers, Clean Elections changes the way elections are financed.
Officials there embarked on an innovative and ambitious alumni campaign in 1999 aimed at bolstering enrollment, reconnecting people with the college, and ultimately driving fundraising efforts of the college's foundation.

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